Hart To Heart


This page covers Veronica in the media. It links to any media articles with the most recent at the top:

Queens Journal: Seeing The Other Side

What would you do if you suddenly had to accept that you were everything you didn’t believe in?

This is what Veronica Hart had to grapple with when, 15 years ago, she discovered she was a spiritual medium.

Hart first learned of her ability to communicate with spirits through a series of unusual events that began infiltrating her daily life.

She started seeing people and family members on the other side.

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Kingston This Week: Local Medium Shares Gift

There are many people who believe in life after death. There are loads of people who even claim to be able to communicate with those who have “crossed to the other side”.

Few of them can prove it, but there are several people who are seemingly knowledgeable about things that are deeply private to others. They are readers who claim they can “talk” with the dead, relaying information in such a manner that leave many believers and skeptics alike asking, “How could they possibly have known that?”

Veronica Hart is one of those people.

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