Hart To Heart
Breathe Cry Breathe is the story of Catherine Gourdier. Catherine is a local Kingston author and it is the story of her own personal journey through her grief.

I was honored to be part of that journey and my session with Catherine is featured in the book.

I hope this book helps others who have gone through loss.

You can purchase this book online at Amazon or Chapters.

What You Do

During a reading, the best thing for you to do is to be totally relaxed.  Although you may dearly wish to connect with a certain individual, please don’t be disappointed if they do not come through.  Veronica will tape the reading for you, but you may take notes if you wish.

Be open to the concept.  If you are sitting on the edge of your seat with your arms tightly folded, maybe you aren’t ready for a reading.

Be ready to ask questions, but also be prepared that you may not get the answer you were looking for.

Remember to breathe!  The first reading could be a little stressful, as you don’t know what to expect.  If you feel yourself getting stressed, take a couple of deep breaths.

The process can also be very emotional, but please do not be embarrassed if you cry.  Sometimes it is the sheer relief of knowing the person is happy and safe on the other side that brings the tears.