Hart To Heart
Breathe Cry Breathe is the story of Catherine Gourdier. Catherine is a local Kingston author and it is the story of her own personal journey through her grief.

I was honored to be part of that journey and my session with Catherine is featured in the book.

I hope this book helps others who have gone through loss.

You can purchase this book online at Amazon or Chapters.


You are a remarkable woman and an incredible medium, Veronica. Both your home and you are so relaxing and deeply comforting. I went into the session very nervous and unclear as to what to expect, but your caring personality had me so relaxed and open minded within minutes. You are so accurate about all the details of my deceased husband. Being able to communicate with him through you brought me so much peace, happiness, positive affirmation and huge courage to move forward with all that I had hoped for my life. It helped me to put aside worry over things that happened that were out of my control, and to stop blaming myself. Thank you does not even begin to express my gratitude for this gift you have given me.

With deep gratitude – Arlene, January 31st, 2019

I just wanted to send you a little thank you our reading the other day! It was mind blowing and really gave my mom the closure she needed.

You are amazing!
Thank you so much 🙂
– Brittany, June 10th, 2017

Thank you, thank you Veronica for the reading yesterday! My sister and I just wanted to hear anything from our dad and our mom and you delivered. By doing the reading you removed the guilt my sister carried about mom going into a nursing home. Being the primary caregiver, she carried that with her, even though it had to be done. It is also comforting to know that my stepfather is by moms side, and that my dad was very happy that I took his ashes home and that he is up and walking again! Thank you so much Veronica. I am passing the word on how wonderful you are! – Kim & Debbie, March 30th 2016

It is Saturday morning at almost 6:30am. Karen and I seen you yesterday and I needed to send you this thank you. I could not let this go without doing so. Our mom has passed since January 2009 and I always wanted a sign, a gesture , anything really from my mom to let me know she is ok. March 11th, 2016 all this changed at your residence!
Our moms birthday is in a few weeks, March 21st. I will be thinking of her on that day more so than any other, with the exception of Mother’s Day of course. What you done for us yesterday has changed the course of my life for the better. Everything that happened at your place was so charged and over whelming with positive and happy energy how can anyone question a “true” medium like yourself. You made a sceptic a believer. Thank you so much for getting us in contact with our mom whom we so dearly miss but are happy to know she is pain free and at peace. I can’t get you out of my mind. I am walking a fine line on this earthly plane. I hope for me you just made that line wider and a bit easier to walk. To let you know, my mom was a very good and proud nurse who loved helping others, a strong and caring woman. She would have loved to have met you. Sending you the warmest of hugs, Jim..
— Karen and Jim, March 12th 2016

“Dear Veronica,

I’m writing you to thank you so much for the reading my son and I had on October 21st this year. My son was skeptical at the beginning but I managed to convinced him to come along. I told him what you had told me to talk to the person we wished to hear from and he did for a few days before we went to see you.

The thing a hadn’t told you is that my husband before he passed didn’t believe in medium, he always told me they were fake, me on the other hand I always knew that certain people had a “the gift”. So because of his disbelieve in medium him and I came to the conclusion that 1) he would guide me to a “real” medium and 2) he would let me know that this medium was for real. You probably wonder how he would confirm that the medium is real right? Well he came up with a password that only him and I would know. NO one else would know the password except him and I. My son was aware of this because I told him after my husband passed away but I didn’t tell him the password only that one existed between the two of us before he died. I know it sounds strange but that was comforting to know that once he was gone and I that I would be strong enough I would be able to hear from him again and make sure he’s ok now. So before the reading my son kept saying to my husband if it’s real “Please” give mom the password you guys had so she knows it’s you.

So half way through my reading you kept trying to say a word over and over again… my husband was trying to give you the “password” and once we confirmed what word he was saying we knew without a doubt all of it was real. There is no way you would of known that word only him and I knew. Honestly Veronica I had no doubt even before because things you were telling me NO one else could of known but my husband on the other side was confirming that he too was now a believer and thanks to you he could keep his promise of 1) guiding me to you and 2) confirming that it is him on the other side and that he’s ok now.

There will always be skeptical people about medium and yes some are fake and play on people’s emotions but there is no bigger acknowledgement than having a password like we did and for him to bring it up during the session to confirm your gift. Thank you so much for sharing that gift with me and others. I know my husband was persistent with that word because to him it was the most important thing to him and I that I really know it was really him reaching out.

To have a reading with you helped me with my healing process which has been a long road. Again I can’t thank you enough. God Bless you for sharing your wonderful gift.” Frances, November 30th, 2015

“I just wanted to thank you for an amazing evening. You have a very special gift and thank you for sharing that gift with us. I would like give a testimonial for your website.

I met the most amazing woman last night her name is Veronica Hart she is the sweetest Scottish lady I have ever met. She did a group reading with myself and daughter and some very close friends. My daughter and I had wanted to hear from my mother inlaw (my daughters Nana) and we did, it was very comforting to my daughter to know that her Nana is still with us and sees what is going on in our lives and comforting to know she had our furbaby with her as well !!! Veronica gave us all a unbelievable experience. She is remarkable , kind , genuine , funny , and the real deal !! Thank you so very much Veronica this was an experience we will both carry with us and I look forward to visiting you again! – Tina August 13, 2015”Tina, August 15th, 2015

“It all started in the lunch room at my work place. There I received the name of the most amazing wonderful little Scottish woman I have ever met. Her name is Veronica Hart and she is a medium. My Mother passed away three and a half years ago with alzheimers disease. She spend the last week of her life in a coma in a nursing home. I was by her side almost 24\7. Since her passing, I have wanted with all my heart to know if Mom is okay now – Well, did I ever find out she is. Within seconds of Veronica turning on her recording device, she immediately said “Did your Mom pass, because she is jumping out of her skin to talk to you!” Of course, the relieved and happy tears came streaming down and never stopped for the next 44 minutes. I had booked an hour session for $100, but Mom left us as we were sitting in Veronicas kitchen at 44 minutes because as Veronica said, “your Mom only wants you to spend $80 and buy a little something for yourself with the other $20 – which is EXACTLY what my Mom would say to me. My Dad, who had also passed for over 30 years was there with Mom but as he said to Veronica, this was my and my Moms time because he knew I needed this so much. Thanks Dad – I love you. So for anyone who needs peace in their life or just want to get in touch with a loved one for one reason or another – please get in touch with this remarkable woman. This was the best day of my life since my Mom passed and words cannot express what she has done for me. Thank you Veronica Hart……………..Love Dorothy”Dorothy, July 30th, 2015

“I just wanted to say thank you again. That was such an unbelievable experience. You were able to give me a little bit of closure and a whole lot of comfort. My sister and I were so happy. Our nana was our world, she was our mother and father and nana and when she passed it was devastating and even almost 2 years later it still aches. It was also just so hard not knowing how present she had actually been in those last years. It was so nice to know that she knew we were there and have that comfort she is ok now. It was just amazing to hear the things she had to say. I can’t thank you enough for this and I will be able to carry this with me forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”Tara, May 25th, 2015

“Hi Veronica, my dad, sister and I had a group reading with you today and you were absolutely amazing!!! You have such a beautiful gift! It was evident that mom was there communicating through you. Various things you said made it clear and obvious that she was still with us each day. As mom communicated through you, you described her personality exactly! It felt like we spent that hour with her. We are forever grateful for our reading with you. It was like a breath of fresh air! I feel so light and peaceful in my heart now. Thank you for your time, compassion and kindness. It is quite evident that it is not about the money for you. We all sensed you have a genuine care for others and are very passionate about using your gift to help others. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All the very best to you!”Kristy, January 28th 2015

“Well what can I say other then Veronica was AMAZING… After losing my dad in 2011…I had alot of issues dealing with the loss…I had issues with the way the service was handled and such… In the fall of 2012 I decided to make an appointment with Veronica and wasnt sure how this was going to go but knew I wanted this more then anything… My husband wasnt a true believer but knew what this ment to me so he tagged along..when my dad past it was like like he lost his dad too..On top of my dad my husband had lost his mom at 7 and his dad at 12… Well again lets juat say he was just as shocked and impressed as myself…. she hit on things that NO ONE would have ever known… during our reading we had many many family members come through…Veronica said she had not had a reading like ours before….we had so much love and support around us….. My husband and I have had a LOT of closure and relief knowing that all of our loved ones who have passed are with us everyday and watching out for us:-) Thank you Veronica and I look forward to visiting you again soon..xox”Melissa, March 18th 2014

” Hi Veronica my name is Paula and my daughter Sheena came to you on Dec. 5 2013 at 10:00 am Thursday morning. Sheena sent me to you because of the loss of my mother and it was one of my Christmas gifts from her. I’m just wanting you to know how much you changed my attitude about life and I can’t thank you enough for making my life a little easier to cope with because of my mom being gone. It truly is hard to lose not just my mom but my best friend but with you letting me know that mom is truly happy where she is it gives me some comfort with her not in my life any more. When I’m down I listen to the tape that was given to me by you and it lifts my spirits up to keep moving on. Again I can not thank you enough for the wonderful gift that you’ve given not just me but also Sheena. You truly are a blessing and I’m so proud to have been able to spent time with you and hope to see you some time soon. Thank you dearly and hope to see you again soon : Paula “Paula, Jan 7 2014

“My boyfriend had a reading yesterday with Veronica and she is AMAZING!!! She definately is the real deal!! She channels so gently, she is so caring and is so kind and warm with a wonderful sense of humor!! I can not wait to book my own reading!!! She has a true gift!”Ronni, December 17th 2013

“My father passed away in 2001 and I had a very hard time with my grief. I schedule a time with Veronica and I was total amazed at what I heard and the many validation that I was speaking to my father. It was great closure for me and I felt so at piece. My description of what Veronica does, is that she provides a long distance call to the other side. It was a totally an amazing experience and I have and would recommend Veronica.:) “Tammy, December 4th 2013

” I never believed stuff like this, and the spiritual world, and energy, until I went to Veronica, with my grandmother. Veronica told us some very interesting stuff. My grandmother and I could not believe it. It was amazing the connections we got, and the people that came through. I never ever expected to find out so much from someone that doesn’t know anything about me. It was amazing to have my Papa come through, and tell me how much we still loved me, and that he wont ever forget about me. It was incredible the connection Veronica got from my Uncle Romeo who passed a really long time ago, and it was a stress relief for my grandmother, knowing her son was alright, and he also told her to stop beating herself up. I highly recommend going to Veronica, she is amazing at what she does, and the talent she has is incredible. Even to this day, I think about what she told us, and listen to the cd, I won’t ever forget the experience I had talking with my loved ones that had past, some I’ve never even met. It was so realistic the stuff she was passing through to my grandmother and I. When I get the chance to go back, I will. The closure for all of us, was unforgettable.” – Jess, December 1st 2013

I had a reading done today and the things I heard it felt like my dad was in the room with me I now know I can be at peace with my fathers passing and that he loves and watches over me everyday thank you for that – Ashley, November 21st 2013

“Very gracious, beautiful spirit, with obvious talent and genuine caring. Veronica provided a wonderful and helpful reading with messages I needed to hear for closure and confidence. This is a marvellous and rare ability she is sharing with others and in my case it included specifics such as gender, name, cause of death and circumstances, and geographic location of the people communicating on my behalf. These are details she could not have known or guessed as we have never met, have no common contacts and many family members were long gone for decades. Such a reading is medicine/help for a weary soul. Many thanks and success in your journey”– Kathy, November 17th 2013

“Just a couple days ago, I went with my Mom and my aunt to see Veronica. I will admit, I was a huge skeptic. I was one who hoped in an afterlife but was very uncertain of it’s existence. However since sitting down with Veronica, I wholeheartedly believe. The amount of information she gave was just too detailed to be made up. She did not feed information off us as she just wanted a simple yes or no to what she had said. It blew my mind and brought me to tears as to how precise she was in describing my current emotional state and struggle in life. Those who came through made me feel so much better about myself and assured what I have been doing in life, was the right thing to do. It is beyond words to describe the emotions it creates when contacting those we have loved and lost so many years ago, yet grieve every day for. I was amazed at how exact she was in describing the personalities and character of those who came through. There was not one thing that didn’t match up. She described them perfectly, she even described my Grandmothers life, from the time of a little girl until the time of her passing. Amazing! What really convinced me in her gift being real, was her describing the exact location of where my mother lived. the exact road she lived on, and the location, how could she possibly know that? She did not have our names beforehand so there was no way for her to search us up. It has been a couple days now since seeing her, but I don’t even know where to begin to thank her for what she’s done to ease my soul, to make me feel better about myself, but most of all for allowing me to hear from those I have missed every single day for so many years. Veronica has been a real blessing in my life, and I am grateful to of had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with her. Thank you Veronica, from the bottom of my heart.”Misty – November 8th, 2013.

“Cannot express how enriching the session we had with Veronica was for all three of us. My niece was a total skeptic going in, but a complete believer coming out. Both my sister and I were equally impressed with the details, and feeling that our loved ones (esp. our Mother) were there with us again at the kitchen table. Just like old times. Veronica is not only the ‘real deal’; she is a sensitive and caring individual who gentled us throughout the process, from her introduction to our good-byes after the session. I highly recommend this lady.”Jean – November 7th, 2013.

“I went to her first group reading and was quite skeptical. I put a christmas stocking in my pocket and told someone “if you can come to me do it through this.” I was the second person Veronica came to and christmas was predominant in her interaction with me. Later in the evening she identified with a woman who was sitting beside me and brought up something that no one in the world would have known, other than the woman her late father. Amazing evening that I have never forgotten.”
Mike, April 15th, 2013

“I lost one of my sisters last year and one 15 years ago as well as both of my parents. And the same month that I lost my sister I also had to say goodbye to my 17 year old dog, who may I add was my best friend through many hard times. Anyway I decided to go and see Veronica and my 2 remaining sisters decided to come. The things she told us were amazing. My mom came through almost before we started and didnt want to leave, always the protective one. We found out that they are all ok and she described my beloved dog as if she was standing in front of her. Our reading left us feeling loved and at ease. I am so thankful to Veronica for sharing her gift with us.”
Liz, February 27th, 2013

“I just had the most awesome afternoon with this lady. You all know what she can do because u r ahead of me. Veronica brought up things that I almost forgot but once the puzzle pictures where out, they made great sense We laughed , we cried and she talked to my Mom and Dad. Thank you for things I wanted to have answers to.. I wondered who was pushing me find out my parents are both pushing me because I am a little stubborn. My wife says a lot stubborn. What a day thanks for the Christmas Gift It was perfect. HEY TRY IT YOU WILL SEE WHAT WE ARE SAYING. Thanks” Richard Mears Jan 10, 2013.

“My mom and I saw Veronica today. She is professional, and welcoming. I was unsure before attending a medium about whether I believed it was real. I now have no question, there is no way someone could make up the things that she told us. They were accurate and things that no one could just know. Veronica doesn’t want you to tell her information she only wants you to acknowledge if it has meaning to you. Thank you Veronica, this was an amazing experience for us.” Ashley, Jan 8, 2013.

“My husband and I saw Veronica in December 2012, after losing our youngest son in June. She has given us both such peace of mind after our visit, she described our son’s personality to perfection. There were things that there was no way she would have known, such as the tattoo of his name I got on my arm after his death. How on earth did she know that.

Before our visit with Veronica, my husband and I had such a hard time just dealing with day to day life without our son and now we are able to move forward and deal with this terrible loss without as much pain. Although we will always love and miss our son, Veronica has proven that he will be always be with us and love us as much as we love and miss him. Thank you Veronica for the gift you shared and the peace you have given us, we will never forget you.” Vicki, Dec 13, 2012.

“Veronica, I just wanted to let you know that the reading you did for me in Sept 2012 was of great comfort to both myself and my daughter who had lost her infant daughter. She was able to get some peace and I was delighted to find out that my beliefs about the afterlife were confirmed.

Each time I listen to the reading I pick up more and wish that I had been more focused during the reading (difficult to do when you’re uptight) so that I would have been able to get more clarification on some details. Please continue to do what you do to provide peace to families. God bless.”Ruth, Nov 2, 2012

“My Mom and I went to see Veronica yesterday. I would have put a testimonial on yesterday, but, I was still trying to absorb my reading. After my father passed away while on vacation, due to a massive heart attack, we felt that we did not have the chance to say good-bye or to have closure. Veronica is the real deal.

Veronica was able to convey my Dad’s exact personality and it was extremely comforting knowing that I was able to have him communicate with us. My Mom was a skeptic and was uneasy about going with me. My Mom is definitely a believer after yesterday. Thank you so much Veronica…words can not express what your gift has given us. The experience you gave us was like having one more day with my Dad. IT WAS TRULY AMAZING!!!!!” Judy D, April 21, 2012

“I just wanted to thank you for the group reading you did for me, my family and friends on March 3rd. We were all just blown away by everything you said. I have told everyone who will listen that absolutely everything you said was accurate. You were 100% on track with everything. It was very freeing and confirmed what I believe about where my son is and everything about crossing over. Your reading was something that I wanted to hang onto and live over and over. It was wonderful that I had friends with me to support and rejoice in the moment.

Brenda had already been to see you so she was a great support after, when I started feeling a lot of sadness. She told me that she had felt the same thing after her reading. I guess it was a letdown after a very “up” time. I thank you so much for the opportunity to hear from my son and get to enjoy his humor and his love again in this world and the renewed knowledge that I will see him in the next world. I passed along to my friend Sam that her son had come through and she called and set up a reading with you and she was overjoyed with her reading also.

She agreed that you are amazing. It is a gift, it’s a gift you to give to each person when you relaying messages from their passed loved ones. You give hope to people who need to be reminded that life is amazing and a miracle. Thank you again and I hope you always use your ability to keep families in touch between 2 worlds. “Cindi, Mar 19, 2012

“I first met Veronica back in 2002 when my mom and i came for a reading. My mom had lost both her mother and father and it was important to her to make sure they were ok. A friend of my moms gave her Veronica’s contact information so we decided to go together. The reading was amazing. My grandmother and grandfather came through and put my mom at ease knowing that they were ok and that they were together. It was really nice knowing that That they were ok and happy and still watching over us.

Last march my mom passed away… My mom was my best friend and losing her was the hardest thing i ever had to deal with. I knew i had to try to get in touch with Veronica for a reading. I book the appointment and went back to see her and the reading was something that i will never forget. Words cannot express how truly grateful i am to Veronica for her abilities to connect with loved ones who have crossed over. Not only did she help me, She help my whole family feel a little more at ease. Though we miss her we know that she is ok and is happy and with her parents. Thank you Veronica for making my family feel better through this difficult time. You reading has meant so much to my family and I. Thank you. “Rebecca, Feb 21, 2012

“Veronica, I thank you again for the peace of mind you give to me each time we meet. For the words that you say, that you could not possibly know the emotions attached, and for the warmth just one special gesture you make provides. I thank you for the precious moments you give to me with those that I cherish. You truly are amazing!!!”Kathi, Nov 19, 2011

“The day Veronica entered my home to do a reading for me is a day I will never forget! First, I loved just hearing her talk with her beautiful accent; but what she had to share with me was just what my heart needed! My Mom had died several years before and I was afraid to consider a reading. Veronica immediately put me at ease and allowed me to show my emotion… and the rest is a beautiful story. Every detail, everything I needed to know about my Mom and her previous life plus her crossing over, was revealed to me through Veronica. She taped our session and it has been a source of strength and comfort for me over and over again to just listen to it whenever I want to feel the presence of my Mom again. It is a gift that is priceless! I feel I am one of the blessed to have benefited from her as an amazing medium.”Zona, Nov 19, 2011

“Veronica, I just wanted to let you know that you did a reading for me yesterday that has me truly amazed with your talent. You have given me a little bit of comfort surrounding my son’s death and you have given me the ability to smile and feel a little bit of relief to know he is ok. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done and I truly believe you are an angel right here on earth. Thank you!” – Ashley

“I saw Veronica twice — once after the death of my mother and another after my sisters’ passing. What she saw and passed on to me gave me such peace that I was able to get past the grief and move on. I knew that these two special people, as well a beloved pet were all together and keeping watch over me. Thankyou — I will never forget how it felt to be in contact with them again.” – Freida C

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